List of documents required to process your record

Completed your record attempt successfully? Congratulations !

Once you have set the record you need to send us the following documents so that we can process your claim and verify it without any delay:

1. The name of the person attempting the record should be given, along with the date and place of record attempt.

2. In case of a group attempt, the names, email ids and the contact details of all the participants must be given on separate sheet of papers along with the participant’s signature and independent witnesses’ signature. If anyone did not follow the rules set for a particular category or drop out before the attempt, their entry must be cancelled and then must be counter-signed by the witnesses.

3. A video (in CD/DVD format) must be submitted. In case of an attempt for more than 4 hours, the main highlights of the event must be recorded like the start of the attempt, finish of the attempt and before each break.

4.Photographs of the record attempt may be submitted in digital format on CD-ROMor DVD in a good resolution.

5.A logbook needs to be maintained in case the record attempt is of the marathon category (nonstop record attempt).

6.Two independent witness statements may be submitted or a statement attested by public notary/gazette officers may be submitted.

7.Original Newspaper coverage may be submitted, minimum 2 newspaper coverage are required.

8.News channel/ electronic media coverage may be submitted (if available).

9. Application forms may be downloaded from  (here).