Invitation for Record Holders

We at ‘INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS’ are dedicated to identify the excellence and to honor the most deserving ones, while maintaining the highest level of transparency and executing it with the most fair processing.

Congratulations! You are chosen in top 100 record holders and are cordially invited along with your friends and family members in our long awaited and the most glittering mega event ‘Indian Record Holders at World stage’ to be held in New Delhi, the bustling capital of India at Siri Fort Auditorium on November 12th, Sunday at 11:00 a.m., to be covered and aired by the National and the International media.

Date :  November 12th 2017.

Time : 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Venue : Siri Fort Auditorium

Address : A-25, Balbir Saxena Marg,

                 Siri Fort Institutional Area,

                 Gulmohar Park,

                 New Delhi – 110049

Schedule of events:

1) Felicitation of selected top 100 record holders by the Chief Editors of Record Books of 6 different countries.

2) Stunning World Class dance performance by a dance group.

3) World Record Breaking event.

4) Launch of the World Record Union Book – 2018 edition (enclosed previous edition cover page).

5) Medical training to cure Life Style Diseases.

6) Special World Record Performance by our record holders.

7) Certificate collection by felicitated Record Holders (Signed by Chief Editors of  Record Books of 6 different countries) and Lunch coupon collection by all invitees from our help-desk/service-counter outside the auditorium followed by networking.

You are requested to bring your India Book of Records ID card (enclosed a sample picture for your easy recalling) along with the copy of this invitation letter to confirm your identity and invitation. In the absence of the IBR’s ID card you have to alternatively bring your IBR’s Record certificate in original.

As the seats are limited we would like to have your confirmation along with your travel plan and number of other members coming along with you in the event, latest by September 27th, 2017. You can please reply on our email : [email protected] or whatsApp at +91-9999436779.

With Warm Regards,

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

Chief Editor

India Book of Records

Ph :- +91-9999436779, 9659923229

Boarding, lodging etc. would be to invitees account and the India Book of Records would not be accountable for any such expense.