The Thought Leaders in the Field of Fertility,  Dr. Saravanan Lakshmanan   &  Dr Mahalakshmi Saravanan of ARC International Fertility & Research Centre (A Unit of Abhijay Hospital) India, bears the Highest (2, 00, 81,116) Viewership for their YouTube Channel with 800+ videos on fertility and viewership from 234 countries as on December 23, 2017.

Fertility overall is not a distant dream, but possibly the most nearest achievable thing 

Infertility itself means fertility, would be in. 


It is just that a change in attitude is required.


With a change in habits, overall.


Habits as far as our personal lives are concerned, which due to substance abuse, growing stress, pressure levels, in addition to environmental factors, sometimes, make us infertile.


Growing, unnecessary use of chemicals for agriculture.


When the same agricultural production, can be very well taken care by following organic farming methods, which beyond assuring a good harvest, also retains the natural fertile nature of soil, which in the excessive use of chemicals withers away.


Nevertheless, the first and foremost step towards fertility, needs to be taken by us by inculcating in ourselves, fertile, healthy thoughts, practices, dreams, hopes and the like.