Rotary Club of Berhampur, Rotary International District-3262 of Odisha in association with St. Vincent’s Convent School, Berhampur organized an event to make a Largest Human image of a Foot, wherein 1,729 participants made the formation of a human foot in 34min and maintained it for 5 minutes at Berhampur stadium, Berhampur, Odisha on World Polio Day i.e. on October 24, 2017.

When life tries and loosens the soil under your feet, just tighten your grip on it 

Tread the path less taken.


Travel through the woods less travelled by.


If required sometimes walking on the edge for the same as well.


Since destiny favours the brave.


To leave your mark especially in today’s world, you need to be innovative as well as brave in your outlook as well as approach towards life and things associated with it.  


Praying that all your hard work, efforts put in, pains taken and the like, pay you finally.


Nevertheless, when the same becomes true and you are able to see for the result yourself then nothing like that.