Father Roy Kannanchira (born on May 31, 1969), CMI Area Director, Special Olympics Bharat, along with National Charitable Trust, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, organised the Largest meet of Intellectually differently abled 6,727 athletes, wherein they participated in the most different sports competitions at L.N.C.P.E Stadium, Kariavattom, Trivandrum, from 11-14 January 2018.

Indian army, armed forces other than their natural natures, are also very sporting to include people with low IQ level in their scheme of things

People belonging to Indian Army, armed forces decline to see any other thing than just protecting their borders, territories from enemies, whenever it comes to threat from their sides.

Indian Army, armed forces stand for liberty the most, maximum amongst various other things.

Taking a little bit liberty here and speaking in the contexts of army and armed forces people, personnel, it can be tried and said that they deny, decline to hear to what their minds say, losing their sanities in this regard and just go by their hearts, if and when they see, enemy as a singular or combined force – standing to hurt the peace, tranquility of the nation and people forming it.

In reference to this and outside their areas of work, they give preference and identify with people who have a low IQ level in comparison to the expected one, which subjects of their age should otherwise have and make it a point of indulging them in their scheme of things.

Even when it comes to organizing sports, physical activities for them to help them towards displaying their special, inbuilt strengths in these regards.