Father Roy Kannanchira (born on May 31, 1969), CMI Area Director, Special Olympics Bharat, along with National Charitable Trust, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, organised the Largest Unified March, wherein the most 6,325 people participated along with the differently abled persons, raising the UNESCO’s slogan, ‘You are not alone, we are along with you’, while promoting the UNESCO’s dream that ‘Together with an Inclusive Tomorrow’, at L.N.C.P.E Stadium, Kariavattom, Trivandrum, on January 12, 2018.

Weighing scale can be found much more tilted towards specially-abled people than we normal, ordinary us, in most of the cases, activities 
Hardest of the efforts made by differently-abled people in the direction of march past on the lines of country’s soldiers, which they practice to show their respect, love, care towards the nation, go in vain.

For the simple reason that they are not normal people like us, but are known as specially-abled people.

Country’s army, armed forces don’t discriminate between people on the basis of physical, mental, psychological, emotional strengths, but believe in giving each and everyone, equal opportunities, fair chances without any bias.

Biggest of the reference in contexts, examples in this regard followed by the armed forces are theirs giving the same status, respect, love, care, adulation to soldiers, personnel who in the course of fighting wars either lose their capability of their bodies or one or the other organs or either lose their lives in total, form a group of subjects called martyrs, whose families are then bestowed with special privileges, facilities in their honours.

Nevertheless, specially-abled people of the armed forces, continue with their obligations towards the nation’s safety, security, protection, peace, harmony, tranquility and the like, even when they are not active on the war fields.